"Take time to refresh, and we'll do the rest."

  Indulge in a Therapeutic, Relaxation or Sensual Touch massage with one or more of   
  the following modalities incorporated. 

            * Swedish                         * Deep Tissue                              * Acupressure
            * Trigger Point Therapy    * Stretching and Alignment         * Hot Stones Therapy

   Consider adding an Evoke (stimulation) massage.   Certain medical conditions may
   require a medical  release from your doctor for this modality.  

   Or you may want to experience the beneficial qualities of the trademark ARoMATOUCH    
   Technique Clinical Massage using CPTG DoTERRA essential oils.

   Whatever massage or combinations you choose, adding a shower before your massage,  
   will make your massage experience memorable and soothing experience.  

       Full Body Table sessions for Individual/Couples (per person) are as follows:

              IN-CALL RATES

                              OUT-CALL RATES

Our group Massage  packages are great for Corporate sponsored events, bridal and bachelor parties, birthdays...just about any event you can think of, and very affordable too.  If interested, please call and we can discuss how to make it into a memorable event and assist with the billing.

Group Table/Chair Area Massage Events are available as follow:

   * $25 Set-up Charge
   * $1   per minute ($60 hour)/minimum of 4 hours scheduled
   * 15   minutes minimum per person/minimum 16 persons scheduled                                              

Solution Graphics
Self Service Shower               $5
Assisted Shower                     $10

Up to 20 minute massage       $25** (Evoke only)
ARoMATOUCH Technique        $50
30 minute massage                $65     
40 minute massage                $75
60 minute massage                $85
90 minute massage                $105 

 ** Must accompany at least 30 minute massage.
              Add $125 to in-call service total.
             ($50 discount with your own massage table)  
To calculate total time to be purchased/used, choose calculation tables listed below based on number of persons in event.  

Purchase a Group Area Massage Event
  * Hourly Increments      $60/4 persons 
  * 30 Minute Increments $30/2 persons 
  * 15 Minute Increments $15/1person

Group Full Body Table Massage Events are available as follow: 

   * $55 for 30 minutes                                                      
   * Minimum of 5 persons
Choose Time Frame
Choose Time Frame
Relaxation Massage

Firm yet nurturing strokes and manipulation release obvious
tensions all over the body inducing mental and
physical tranquility.
Sensual Touch Massage 

Awakens all the senses! Aromatherapy, guided breathing conjunction with light fingertip strokes and gentle kneading all over the body create a heightened sense of one's body and emotions.

Therapeutic Massage

Can be highly effective in easing pain, muscle spasms, and stress. It can also reduce the symptoms associated with arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, back pain and other diseases and disorders of the muscle and/or nervous systems.

Evoke Massage

Stimulate muscles and nerves in a relaxed state through increased  blood flow, circulation to a specific area for a short but intense period of time. This should impart vitality and energy to the area and allow the client to experience increased range of motion, temporary pain relief, or a deeper connection with their sensual nature depending on the area of concentration.

Choose Time Frame