"Take time to refresh, and we'll do the rest."

Basic skincare can brighten your complexion and correct certain skin conditions.  Customized Facials take your skincare to the next level: promote and maintain cell turnover, increase moisture and reducing oiliness.
Body Treatments  provide a deeper exfoliation of dead epidermis cells and extra moisture to the skin.  

In-Call rates below, add $50 for Out-Call. To schedule an appointment call (301) 792-3950.


Basic Skincare (no mask)                                                 
Customized Facial
Ampoule Treatment/Aromatherapy                        


Renewal (series of 6)        
Acne (series of 10)             


Back Facial                                         
Salt Glo                                                                  
Inches Off Herbal Wrap      
    (series of 5)                     
Body Smoother                   
    (series of 5)                    

( * Series discount applies only when paid in full on 1st visit of series.)

The face, neck and decollette areas are analyzed and skin care products chosen to complement/improve your particular skin type. Areas are cleansed, exfoliated and a mask is applied.  Masks for most of the Specialty Facials occur in phases that can take between 10 and 30 minutes to complete.  While the mask is applying, your hands and feet are sanitized and massaged to induce deeper relaxation. After the mask is removed, facial massage is performed to stimulate blood flow and invoke facial tone.  As a finale' a protectant, and for certain Specialty Facials and skin evaluations a special Treatment Ampoule (to correct certain skin conditions) is applied to the skin.


Aromatherapy Facial

A great choice for oily/combination skin.  Aromatica oils are enjoyed throughout the facial.  Skin is cleansed and exfoiliated with a special scrub mixed with fresh buttermilk.  After extractions, two masks to induce healing and reduce oiliness are applied.  The finale' is a soothing facial massage and application of a skin conditioner.


Prior to the treatments, Client should shower with hot water (no soap) and a loofah, scrubbing the areas of concentration most.  This will remove all residue from the skin prior and allow better penetration of the products.  Client should wear white cotton undergarments during the treatments.  Weight and/or body measurements are taken before/after most treatments to document results.

Back Facial. If your desire is to go shirtless or backless, let us prepare you to look your best with our "sense-sa-tional" Back Facial. We will cleanse, exfoliate, extract, mask, massage and protect your back to become the beauty it can be.  Ask about our specialty treatments for acne and skin discoloration.  

Salt Glo. Smooth, silky and a natural sheen is what you will feel and see after our special treatment.  Aromatic salts and oil are applied to the entire body section by section.  Mild acoustic massage is used to apply the treatment. Thorough attention is paid to elbows, knees hands and feet.  Client then showers off the application and is massaged with a moisturizing lotion.  What a treat! 

The Herbal Inches Off Wraps (available in plastic wrap or linen cloths) guarantees 7 to 21 inches loss with each wrap!  Client is measured before/after each wrap.  This wrap's fabulous results are the combination of enzyme active aloe vera gel and penetrating toxin cleansing herbs that breakdown fatty deposits and cellulite on the body.  These toxins dissolve back into your lymph system and are eliminated through the urinary system.  The skin is clean, soft, refreshed and the body overall is inches smaller.  The inch loss is not a water loss, no persipration will happen or compression will be used.  Inches will stay off unless client fails to drink water or overeats to gain the fat back again. 

The Plastic Wrap requires preheating the body in a heated blanket for approximately 5 minutes to prepare the skin for penetration of the Natural Aloe Vera and herbal gel solution.  The body is then brushed with the wrap solution and covered with plastic wrap to create a mini-sauna effect. The Linen Cloth Wrap consists of 8 to 12 heated cloths soaked in a special Natural Aloe Vera and herbal solution.  These are wrapped around the body and then a plastic suit is put on to maintain the moisture and temperature of the cloths.

The client lounges comfortably in the wrap with a blanket for 45 minutes.  Client should not perspire during this time.  Wrap is  removed and remaining solution is massaged into skin.  Client is remeasured to calculate inch loss.  Client should drink one gallon of water within 24 hours to facilitate the elimination of fat dissipated through the lymph system.

The Body Smoother treatment takes approximately one hour.  It reduces the appearance of cellulite and recontours the body. After the client is measured, an exfoliation creme is applied to remove accumulated dead cells from the top surface of the skin. Next, a special "Slimming" ampoule is applied and massaged into the areas of concentration for change.  Client is then brushed on a thick layer of warm "Parafango" wax to create a mini-sauna effect.  Brushed areas are then wrapped in plastiac and client is placed in a warm blanket for 15 minutes.  Wraps are then cut and peeled off.  A special emoillent  creme is applied to the treated areas.  Client is remeasured and given a list of recommended home care products to maximixe and maintain the results of today's treatment.

   Clothes, shoes and hair are important first impres-sions, but your face is where communication takes place. Let us help you maintain a clean, healthy glowing facial appearance. 
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   Complement your facial or massage service with one of our no-shower body treatments that produce immediate and visible results. Taken in a series, these skin treatments can produce skin transforming results. 

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