"Take time to refresh, and we'll do the rest."
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Individual In-Call Spa Packages
(Out-Call Add $50)
 (*) Applies to top of the line Specialty facials and Body Treatments.
(**) Non-alcoholic 

A Day of Renewal$200/$300*
The Works     
My Treat                      
Relaxation Party      
                                   (5 person minimum) 


A Day of Renewal $200/$300*
 (4.5 to 5 hours)
 Hot Tea or Spring Water
Body Treatment*
Choice of Specialty Facial*
60 Minute Body Massage
 Lite Meal
Spa Hands & Feet Treatments
Hors d'oeuvres & Champagne or Wine**

Relaxation Party $55*** per person
(Minimum of 5 persons) 
(***Add $10 per person for Hors d'oeuvres & Champagne or Wine)
                                                                   #1 30 Minute Massage
                                                                   #2  Customized Facial
                                                                   #3  Inches-Off Herbal Wrap 
                                                                   #4  Body Scrub
                                                                   #5  Spa Hands & Feet Treatments

For out-call rates, to schedule an appointment, or buy a gift certificate call (301) 792-3950.

Unique Spa Experiences
 "All Inclusive and Exclusive Group Spa Packages" 

Unique Spa Experiences is a professional club of mostly Health and Beauty Industry professionals.  The club's main purpose is to promote local club member businesses through introductions of their businesses via group sponsored events.  All club members are carefully selected, highly qualified, trained and certified in their various fields.

Mikki's MOBILE Day Spa sponsors Unique Spa Experiences Group Spa Packages at our in-call location quietly tucked away in suburban Silver Spring, MD.  We have a Relaxation Room, Buffet Area, two Treatment Areas and a Bathroom for client use.

Unique Spa Experiences' out-call program is a Sponsor driven program that can be a commission based event (Sponsors can earn from $100 to $500 per event based on 10 person minimum) or a Fundraising Program (proceeds donated directly to the charity or organization of your choosing). 

The following conditions/preparations are needed/provided to schedule a Group Spa Event.  

*    E-vites and flyers are used for advertising and are provided by Mikki's MOBILE Day Spa.  
*    A minimum of 10 confirmed guests must be booked/confirmed 72 hours before the event.  
*    Five manicure/pedicure services must be booked/confirmed to provide a contracted Nail
                    Technician for these services.  

There are five Unique Spa Experiences Group Spa Packages ranging from $35-$175.
  Each Spa Package includes two or more of the following: 
         * A Spa Menu with a Choice of 1 to 4 Spa Services
   * Continental Breakfast @ Belgian Waffle Bar
   * Lite Lunch
   * Lite Dinner
   * Hors d'oeuvres
   * Non-Alcoholic Champagne or Wine

Unique Spa Experiences
Five Group Spa Experience Packages

                  COST                          INCLUDES                            TIME PER PERSON    

                   $35                         1 Spa Service, Hors d'eouvres     30 to 45 minutes 
                                                 Area Wax (up to $25)
                                                 15 Minute Area Massage
                                                 Hands & Feet Treatment
                                                 Manicure or Pedicure
                                                 Basic Facial 

                   $65                         1 Spa Service, 1 Meal                  45 to 60 minutes 
                                         Spa Manicure & Pedicure
   Spa Hands and Feet Treatments
                                         30 Minute Full Body Massage
                                          Customized Facial
                                         Body Glo Treatment 
                                  Inches-Off Body Wrap 

                   $95                         2 Spa Services, 1 Meal                2 hours 
                                        Spa Manicure & Pedicure
  Spa Hands and Feet Treatments
                                              and one of following:
                                        60 Minute Full Body Massage
                                         Customized Facial
                                        Body Glo Treatment 
                                        Inches-Off Body Wrap

                 $130                         3 Spa Services, 2 Meals                 2.5 to 3 hours                          
                                        Hands and/Feet Treatment
  Manicure or Pedicure
                                                and 1 or 2 of the following:
                                         60 Minute Full Body Massage
                                        Customized Facial
                                         Body Glo Treatment 
                                Inches-Off Body Wrap

                 $175                        4 Spa Services, 2 Meals                      4 hours  
                                       Hands and Feet Treatment
  Manicure and Pedicure
                                   and 2 of the following:
                                        60 Minute Full Body Massage
                                               Customized Facial
                                               Body Glo Treatment 
                                               Inches-Off Body Wrap


All Spa packages include Champagne or Wine (non-alcoholic) and a Dessert.
Lunch and Dinner menus served with Fruit Salad and Mixed Greens salad. 


                       (served with most menus)                            
                            Purified Water
                            Iced Tea
                            Fresh Brewed Coffee
                            Hot Herb Teas
                            Hot Chocolate  


             2% Milk
            Apple/Orange/Grapefruit Juices
             Variety of Cereals
             Fresh Fruit
            Fruit Salad
            Breakfast Bars
            Boiled Eggs

                 HOT BREAKFAST ADD-ONS

              Breakfast Egg/Meat Casserole
                          Belgian Waffle Station

         (select 1)

           L1    Quiche Lorraine                                  L5     Salmon and Broccoli Crepes
                   Quiche Florentine
                    Quiche a la Sea                                  L6     Baja Burritos
                                                                                               Ground Turkey @ Chopped  Onions/Peppers
          L2    Seafood Salad                                              Variety Tortillas and Cheeses
                                                                                                Tortilla Chips and Salsa
           L3   Ham/Turkey/Roast Beef 
                 Croissant Sandwiches                          L7    Chicken Dijon Salad  
                  Assorted Cheeses                                         Spinach and Orange Salad
                  Fixings Bar 
                                                                              L8    Chicken Tetrazzini
           L4   Chicken/Egg/Seafood Salads 
                  on Croissants                                 L9     California Wraps 
                                                                                        Chicken Salad w/Grapes
                                                                                                       Turkey/Cheese /Bacon

                     DINNER MENU
                                   (select 1)       

               D1         Grilled Chicken Breasts
             @  Raspberry Sauce
            New Filled Potatioes

D2        Grilled Chicken Strips
             Rice Pilaf

D3-A    Kung Pao Chicken
D3-B    Chicken Teriyaki
D3-C    Shrimp/Vegetable Stir Fry 
           Vegetable Fried Rice
           Miniature Egg Rolls

D4       Spaghetti and Marinera Sauce 
           Ground Turkey /Onions/Peppers/Mushrooms
   Garlic Bread 

D5-A    New Orleans Gumbo @ Rice
D5-B    Spanish Paella

D6       Hot Crab Bake

D7       Chicken Fettucine and Vegetables
           @Creamy Parmesan Sauce
            Garlic Bread

D8       Grilled or Baked Salmon
          Steamed Spinach @ Egg

Spa Packages at our in-call location quietly tucked away in suburban Silver Spring, MD are indeed an oasis experience!  We have two Relaxation Rooms, a Buffet Area, two Treatment Areas and a Bathroom for client use. Tour our location.

For further information about the Individual and Group Spa Packages, or to schedule or confirm your reservation and event please call our office at (301) 792-3950.
 The Works  $175                               Pick-Me-Up  $150
 (3 hours)                                            (2.5 hours)
 Body Treatment                                Customized Facial
 Specialty Facial                                Body Treatment
 Lite Meal                                           Hands or Feet Treatment of Your Choice
 Spa Hands & Feet Treatments           Eyebrows and Underarms Wax

Touch Up $85                            My Treat   $70
(1.5 hours)                                                 (1 hour)
Customized Facial                                    Customized Facial
Parrafin Hands & Feet Treatments            Basic Hands & Feet Treatments
Eyebrows & Underarms Wax

Quickie $65
(30 minutes)   
Customized Facial
Basic Hands & Feet Treatment
                           (select 1)                                                
      NA1 Chardonnay Wine
      NA2  White and Red Zinfandel Wine
      NA3 Sparkling Apple and Pear Ciders
      NA4 Burgandy Wine
      NA5 Sangria
      NA6 Champagne

                          (select 3)

    H1   Miniature Salmon Cakes
    H2   Miniature Crab Cakes 
    H3   Chicken Wingettes
    H4   Petite Quiches
    H5   Miniature Salmon Fillets
    H6   Minature Spring Rools
    H7   Mandarin Ham Rolls
    H8   Teriyaki Chicken
    H9   Ham & Cheese Sushi Rolls
    H10 Vegetable Sushi Rolls
    H11 Hot Spinach Cheese Dip @ Baguettes

(select 1)

D1   Assorted Chocolate Cookies
D2   Petite Four Cakes
D3   Chocolate Mousse
D4   Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
D5   S'Mores Fondue
D6   White Chocolate Pudding 
        @ Raspberries or Strawberries
D7   Assorted Cheesecakes
D8   Chocolate Cake

Choose Service
Choose Service