"Take time to refresh, and we'll do the rest."

Mikki's MOBILE Day Spa is quietly tucked away in suburban Silver Spring, MD.

The Spa studio is stylishly designed within in a single family home. Services are by appointment only and are delivered in one of our two treatment areas. 

Wet service is available, for a nominal charge, for clients who wish to freshen up before/after receiving their Spa treatment(s) that do not include a wet services. 

Our Group Spa packages includes use of our Relaxation Room and Buffet service.  The atmosphere of home-like comfort encourages you to mingle and lounge at your own pace.  

We provide a variety of spiritually motivating books and CDs for your enrichment. We also have a wide selection of DVDs and videotapes for your enjoyment during your spa experience. 

Group settings thoroughly enjoy the lavish buffet service. We offer more than 29 different healthy choice menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner or overnight Spa events

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